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OK, so you've thinking of doing a shoot with Teaco Photography and want to know who it goes. Well. I'll tell ya!

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You can also download this information as a pdf file (click here)  

- When can we do a shoot?

- How do I book?

- Who comes up with the ideas?

- Have you got any make-up tips?

- What about my hair?

- What about nails?

- And waxing, shaving, plucking?

- Is it good to have a suntan?

- I’m going out for a big night the evening before….

- Food and Water

- What clothes should I bring?

- Is there somewhere for me to change clothes at your studio?

- Do you Photoshop the images?

- What if I am not skinny/tall/pretty?

- Should I practice poses or face expressions?

- Who has ownership of the photos?

- Will you post my images on your website or Facebook?

- Do I have to sign a model release before the shoot?

- How much do you charge for a shoot?

- Where are you located?

- What camera equipment do you use?

- How long have you been a photographer for?

- Anything else


When can we do a shoot?

I shoot at weekends as this tends to be when everyone has plenty of time. I prefer not to shoot in the evenings.

How do I book?

Just drop me a line:

Who comes up with the ideas?

Either the photographer or the model or, more frequently, both. This tends to be done over a few emails or a phone conversation. If you have an image that you have found on the internet then send it in and we'll see if we can do something similar. If you know the basic style of the shoot you are interested in, such as pin-up, boudoir, glamour, fashion etc. then we can discuss it from there.

Have you got any make-up tips?

If you do your make-up yourself you will need to make sure your face does not shine under the studio lights and there is no distinct line between any foundation and clear skin. Make-up can look different in photography to ‘real life’ and for that reason it is recommended that your make-up is professionally applied by a make-up artist. Teaco Photography is happy to arrange for a make-up artist to be present at the shoot (as included in many of our packages)
Arrive with a clean face, lightly moisturised if possible. We can discuss the look you want to achieve beforehand and/or on the day, for example, using false eyelashes. Our aim is for you to be happy with your look before you get in front of the camera.

What about my hair?

A recent haircut is suggested, with fresh colour if needed. If you wish to have someone assist with your hair then please let us know.

What about nails?

Your hands and feet will be in the pictures so have your nails looking nice.  Check your meni & pedi particularly if we are doing close ups!

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And waxing, shaving, plucking?

Take care of any waxing/shaving in the sensitive areas (such as bikini line) at least the 2-3 day before to avoid irritation and redness (if these areas will show in the shoot).  Have your brows shaped and strays tweezed or waxed if they need it.

Is it good to have a suntan?

Tan lines are difficult to blend so it may be an idea to avoid sunbaking before your session. If you like the tan look consider a falsie. If you have a false tan session that is a bit blotchy, it's very difficult to fix in photoshop. (orange tans are much more easy if it goes that way).

I’m going out for a big night the evening before….

Please rethink. Do not drink alcohol the night before, it will make you puffy the following day and if you don’t feel good you won’t have the enthusiasm for the shoot. Get a good night sleep!

Food and Water

If you're really taking this seriously then avoid lots of fatty & salty foods, which can make you bloated. Make sure you drink plenty of water for the 24 hrs beforehand to avoid dehydration and looking tired.

What clothes should I bring?

Clothing is not supplied although I do have contacts for stylists and suppliers if needed. You will need to bring the clothes for your shoot with you. Avoid lots of patterns if you can because solid colours are generally the most flattering and work best. Also, make sure the fit is good. This is particularly important if you are doing a lingerie shoot.
Make sure you look your best by making sure any outfits you bring with you are not wrinkled. If necessary, you can iron things upon arrival.
Wear loose fitting clothing and undergarments when you arrive so that you don’t have red marks on skin that will show in the photographs as it takes a surprisingly long time for marks left by clothes to fade away.
Bring outfits that you like and make you feel good; confidence shows in the images! And if you can’t decide on what to bring then bring everything; it’s better to bring too many than not enough. Don’t forget shoes, belts, jewellery and any accessories that you might like to consider wearing.
In general it is best to avoid patterns, prints and loose, baggy clothing.

Is there somewhere for me to change clothes at your studio?

There is a room purely for your use and also a bathroom with mirror, which is normally where you will have your make-up done (if booked).

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Do you Photoshop the images?

Oh yes! My job is to make you look fantastic and I pull out all the stops to do this. This includes minimising, or perhaps eliminating, all those little imperfections that cameras and lights seem to accentuate, even a bit of trimming down if necessary. Anything is possible! The extent to which i edit a set of photos varies greatly between models but I am careful that you still look like you!
All of the editing is done in Adobe Photoshop, which is a complex, industry-leading software. This does take some time and is why I cannot send the photographs from the shoot to you immediately. It takes a number of days to finish the editing work.

What if I am not as skinny/tall/pretty as I want to be?

I mean this nicely – but please stop thinking like that! :) My job as a photographer is capture your beauty, emphasise the positives and minimise any areas that you are self-conscious about. This is done with a variety of clever photography lighting and Photoshop editing techniques. It is not common for a little slimming to take place, wrinkles to diminish, eyes and teeth to brighten up, skin blemishes to disappear, and ' nips and tucks' to occur. However, it is important that you stay looking like you and for that reason all the techniques I employ are used sparingly and subtlety. When you receive your images you will see yourself shining through.

Should I practice poses or face expressions?

Yes, it can be a good idea to practice, practice, practice in front of the mirror if you have not been in front of the camera much before. You may notice that many poses are not something you would do in normal life, and therefore are sometimes a touch tricky. You can flick through magazines and find poses you like. Bring pics on the day if you wish, or email ideas in beforehand. Any practice a couple of different expressions too!
Ask me for Just ask if you need some suggestions and I’ll happily send you some examples of typical poses that look good. You can see some handy videos here.

Who has ownership of the photos?

Unless arranged beforehand, I retain ownership of the photographs and provide then to you with permission to use them for personal use - such as social networking site, sharing with friends or family – or for use in a modelling portfolio or on websites promoting you as a model. However, you would not be granted permission to use them for commercial use such as advertising clothing or any other product or promoting a business or product. You may not pass them to a third party.
If you are want to obtain permission to use photographs for commercial use, such as advertising or promoting a product or business, then please state this when you make an enquiry as additional charges may apply, depending on the end use of the image.

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Will you post my images on your website or your Facebook page?

If you are going to do a shoot with me then you must be prepared that i may use the images on my website and/or Facebook page. I no longer do shoots where the images stay private. However, the photos will not be passed to a third party without contacting the model beforehand and gaining his/her consent..

Do I have to sign a model release before the shoot?

Although the shoot is normally arranged by email so all the necessary information is captured, it is good to sign a model release beforehand to make sure everything is understood.

How much do you charge for a shoot?

Please check the prices link for information

When do I pay?

Full payment for photography shoots/packages must be made on or prior to the day of the shoot. 

Where are you located?

I tend to shoot at my home studio - the front of my house is used only for photography - but I also shoot on location. I am also available to shoot at professional photo studios, although there are additional charges involved for this and no real advantage.

What camera equipment do you use?

I'm shooting a pro-quality canon digital slr camera and lenses. I also use Elinchrom lights.

How long have you been a photographer for?

I've had an interest in photography since I was a kid and got my first camera in my early teens. However, it's only since digital photography became affordable that I have been really into it. I bought my first digital SLR in 2004.

Anything else

Just ask ;)

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