Meegan is a burlesque performer unlike any other, and goes by the name of Ginger Rabbit.  She totally rocks in this pvc number, and being a redhead surely helps 🙂  We wanted to so something with shadows, as our previous shoot was very ‘high-key’. I thought some hard lighting from a gridded jembo strip-box and gridded reflector would do the trick.  I had two lights on the background, and decided not to blow the highlights, but to keep the whites very close to over-exposing. I also pushed the exposure of the lights on the model a little higher than some people may find ideal, but it’s a look i really like and thought it suited her as she has pale skin.  There is no light on the model from the front, as enough light was reaching her – as you can see in the straight-out-of-camera shot.  I pulled the zoom right back to 24mm to get all the lights in. For the actual shoot  i had the lens set at 70mm, which is about as long as you can get in my front room studio 🙂

Here is how i set it up:

1) Set the softboxes on the backdrop at equal settings.  I took a shot with the camera with the ‘flashies’ enabled.  I set each light to overexpose just a little bit on either side of the model (could see it flashing on the lcd display), but without flashing in shot.

2) I used a lightmeter to set the other lights at around f11, which pushed the exposure to the point of almost overexposing the model and losing detail.

3) The aperture was f8 and the shutter speed at 1/125.  ISO was 100.

Hope this helps! If you have questions then just put them in a comment (below) and i’ll answer them.