How to lengthen legs in Photoshop

On September 29, 2012, in Tutorials, by teaco

It’s really easy to lengthen legs in Photoshop. You just need the square marquee tool from the side bar (as shown in the first image below) and the transform function (ctrl+t).  The idea is to stretch the legs  in sections using the marquee tool.  The reason you don’t just stretch the whole leg, is that you don’t want to elongate the feet or knees. You only want to lengthen the shins and thighs.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Make a new layer (ctrl+j) then make the background invisible (uncheck the eye in the layers palette).

2)  Select the feet with the marquee tool, then move them down by using transform (ctrl+t and then drag down).

4) Move the shins down to touch the feet. Using transfrom, stretch the shins up a little bit, therefore lengthening the shin only

5) Select the knees and move them to meet the shins (without stretching them)

6) Select the thighs and, using transform, transfrom then stretch the lower part to meet the knees.

This means you have stretched the shins and thighs only, and moved the feet and knees.

The second image shows the sections that will be moved or stretched.

How did you get on? Please let me know if this tutorial was useful or if you have suggestions.