Fremantle Portrait Prize 2013 is now open to submissions, and I’m having a bit of a hard time knowing which photo to enter.  Can you please help out?:

Tick the boxes of your 3 favourite, and we’ll see which photos are the most popular. Thanks!

Fremantle Portrait Prize
Which photos should i enter?


Image 01 (below): Thai Rice Farmer

01 Rice farmer thailand

Image 02 (below): Three Wise Monks


Image 03 (below): Kalang Village Girl


Image 04 (below): Woz Bass

Woz Bass

Image 05 (below): Daryll


Image 06 (below): Russian Kat


Image 07 (below): Jasmine (close-up)


Image 08 (below): Jasmine (nude)


Image 09 (below): Jasmine (glasses)


Image 10 (below): Ket Wangi Orphan


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7 Responses to Fremantle Portrait Prize: Which Photos Should I Enter?

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  2. claudia says:

    my prefered is as you know the monk one…..but the rice farmerface is also talking a lot – hugs claudia

  3. Jay says:

    Not an easy job, all amazing images, but Jasmine won over in the end. Nice work on them all though.

  4. Heather says:

    How did you actually acquire the concepts to compose ““Fremantle Portrait Prize: Which Photos Should I Enter?
    ”? I appreciate it -Amado

    • teaco says:

      i do a wide range of photography, only a certain style makes this particular website. The images i was considering for the Freo Portrait Prize were just picked from photos i’ve taken over the last few years. Some of them just kinda happened – eg the monks and the rice farmer – and others were more thought out, such as the photo of jasmine in glasses. That was actually taken for an advert for an opticians.

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