Katherine II (NSFW)

On April 28, 2012, in Shoots, by teaco

I’ve done two shoots with Katherine to date.  She’s awesome to shoot with – what she lacks in experience in front of the camera, she makes up for with enthusiasm and being a great laugh. The style is a little more on the raunchy side than i usually shoot, but that’s fine with me. Katherine and her fella hung around to share a couple of bottles of wine afterwards.  I shouldn’t imagine it will be long before another shoot is planned. Watch this space.

If nudity or naughtiness offends you please don’t scroll down.

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2 Responses to Katherine II (NSFW)

  1. Jay says:

    Hi. Just came across your site through a forum we both are members of.
    What an amazing looking shoot. Katherine is certainly a talent to look out for. Your style is awesome and I look forward to future posts

    • teaco says:

      Hi Jay. Thanks for the comment mate. Yeh Katherine is awesome to work with – she’s only ever done 2 shoots, both with me, so I’ve been quite lucky! We are hopefully doing another before she goes back to the UK….

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